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Collection 2009

Collection 2009 is ideal for young and free people, who like to distinguish with their own style. The selected colours are in various modern scales, provoking to the sensitive men and making them more attractive and sexy. The design of underwear and swimwear follow the basic fashion tendencies for 2009.

The novelty in this collection is the underwear made of Bamboo a new high-technology fabric, ecologically clean and health caring material. This fabric is not only extremely soft and tender to the skin, but it has many unique features. The porous structure of Bamboo charcoal absorbs energy from outside environment and reduces the heat losses of the human body. The bamboo fabric releases 90% of the infra red rays which are important for us, while at the same time neutralizing the harmful ultraviolet rays. Its structure provides natural minerals, which absorb moisture, prevent bacterial growth and reduce odor, disrupt the germs spread and fungi. The bamboo fabric is durable, moisture absorbing and quick drying,

We also offer designs in unique prints, especially developed for Geronimo. Great variety of styles in swimming shorts is observed this year. Geronimo will surprise you with its completely new vision for patterns and colours.

We believe this collection differs from what we have done so far and it will gain many fans!